Information for Young People

This website has a number of pages to assist young people to find services in Queensland that may meet a range of needs such as:

  • Food and general support
  • Health services - both government and community health providers
  • Job Assistance - including where to get help to negotiate workplace issues
  • Legal services - including community based legal services
  • Financial matters - including where to go to financial assistance and advice
  • Getting help early - this area provides access to services when things are starting to go wrong but "haven't fallen off the rails"

We have also included below a number of general advice and information links.

General consumer Advice & information


Make your voice count - have your say in who is your local member of parliament.

Don't forget voting in Australia is compulsory.

More info:

That's not cool

This is a fun website about what is, or is not, okay in your relationships.  They also have videos and other digital medial including great backgrounds for your mobile phone.  To access the site go to:

Tune in not out

The website is a great place for young people to find out tonnes of information on topics that interest them using great videos, clips, informative factsheets, blogs and plenty of discussion. Click here to access the site.

ICAN, Empowering Indigenous Consumers

Located in Cairns, Queensland the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN) provides consumer education, advocacy and assistance services to Indigenous consumers across the nation.
For more information go to:


RecLink Australia Inc is a charitable organisation whose mission is to provide sporting, social and arts activities to enhance the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

To find out what is happenning in Queensland go to:

Marginalised Students

BCE Marginalised students

The Brisbane Catholic Education system has a marginalised students website aims to provide:

  • helpful information
  • practical information
  • resources

that can be used to assist and support marginalised students to enhance the school community as a caring community within BCE.  To access the website go to:

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