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Platform 1225 Conference
Building a solid platform for young people aged 12-25

LAST CHANCE to attend!

Join us for 2024’s Platform 1225 at Rydges Southbank on May 15th.
A fabulous line up of presenters to offer their expertise and thought insights into the way forward in holistically responding to the needs of young Queenslanders, in particular those at risk.
Register at the link below, click on the poster or scan the QR code:

YHMD Wednesday 17th April 2024

In 1990, Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD) was established with the goal of bringing attention to the issue of child and youth homelessness. Since then, it has evolved into a national celebration of the resilience of young people and a platform for advocating for support and housing for young people at risk of and experiencing homelessness.
It was an action-packed Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2024 all around the country. In Queensland many events celebrated the resilience of young people and their capacity to forge forward in life even when seemingly overwhelming challenges arise. Across Queensland we heard young people’s stories of courage, determination, and compassion, particularly for other young people they’re intent on ensuring have their needs met if they experience homelessness. Young people shared their wisdom and insight in spades. We have a very brief snapshot of events we attended or caught up on.
QYHC in conjunction with our young people and SYHS prepared our annual poster with the message we can end youth homelessness. We’ve made significant inroads, and we’re on the journey to doing so! Lorraine and Julia presented Minister Scanlon with the 2024 poster in her chambers. Julia had a great chat with Minister Scanlon sharing her perspective on many opportunities across systems for young people to be supported through a homelessness experience to thrive.
Young People on the Gold Coast shared their unique experiences through Young People & Storytelling | A Gold Coast Perspective. This year, their focus was to create a meaningful experience that not only raises awareness but amplifies the voices of young people who have faced or are facing homelessness. They aimed to promote empathy, encourage advocacy, and instil hope for the future.
A few fabulous folk attended the annual BYS YHMD breakfast, celebrating the resilience of young people. Also in Brisbane, QYHC’s Pierro spoke alongside a young person from Gold Coast Youth Service, at PIF’s Friends of the Foundation YHMD boardroom lunch. He talked of the support specialist youth homelessness services offered him and joined discussions on solutions, including the youth homelessness sector and industry working together.
We also took a moment to recognise the leaps forward for Young People who experience homelessness and SYHS in Queensland since YHMD 2023. You can read more here.
It’s not too late to take part in the National YHMD 2024’s Call for Action –
A call for a National Strategy to end Child and Youth Homelessness! Sign the petition here

Queensland Youth Week

A fabulous Youth Week celebrating young people via almost 100 events all around Queensland. We’ve captured a couple of fabulous examples.

Baywave took Wynnum by storm celebrating the valuable contribution that young people make to the community with music, food and skating.

South Burnett CTC added Foam to the Party – Celebrating young people with music, foam and endless fun.
Lowood YouthFest – Live music, activities and workshops with the chance to connect with youth services available in the Somerset region.

ICYS Beat The Police – an Epic 3on3 basketball tournament with the opportunity to beat the police.

Well done to the Queensland Youth Sector, Young People and all the government and non-government organisations who held, participated in or attended these wonderful events!

Our Place

QYHC was delighted to attend the launch of Our Place this month. Our Place Action Plan was co-designed in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Queensland and is informed by the voices of more than 300 people and organisations. Together, Homes for Queenslanders and Our Place will maximise outcomes for First Nations peoples and communities and make strong progress towards closing the housing gap in Queensland.

Our Place includes an eight-year roadmap and four-year action plan which calls on governments, the housing and homelessness sector, and industry to work in collaboration to close the housing gap in Queensland by 2031. The action plan includes a raft of pathways to help First Nations peoples into home ownership.

Find out more about Our Place here.
The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) is required by legislation to monitor, evaluate and report on the performance of the Queensland child protection and youth justice system.

As a member of the workforce engaging with children, young people and their families, you are invited to have your say. Help make a difference.

Survey findings will be shared with stakeholders and will inform efforts to improve the system. They will also be published on the QFCC website. The survey is confidential and will take approximately 20 minutes of your time.

You can access the survey here

Independent Homelessness Review

The Queensland Government has commissioned an independent review of the homelessness system and services response (the Review) with Rachel Hunter at the helm.

The Review will provide an independent assessment of Queensland’s current response to homelessness and identify recommendations and opportunities to improve service responses towards ending homelessness.

Roundtables are in full swing this week and next. If you cannot attend an in-person event, online forums will be held to allow for your contribution. The date and time for the online forums will be posted on the Consultation website. Forums for young people are also being held.

You can also offer your feedback via:
  • an online survey
  • a written submission
  • an email
Consultation Website
Queensland Homelessness Review
Home Time launched March 15 with over 80 organisations including QYHC on board and more joining every day.

Two great stories helped launch our advocacy.
Let’s make this campaign and youth homelessness a focus across our country. Please sign up here.
#FixHousingForYoungPeople #HomeTime


YANQ Youth Work
Community of Practice 2024

This is a unique opportunity for youth workers to join a state-wide online Community of Practice (CoP). This CoP will operate as a group of peers who share a concern or passion for their work with young people, and a thirst for learning. All participants will be committed to working and learning about youth work within a context of equity, respect, anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. “Sharing knowledge, learning new skills and perspectives. Getting a deeper understanding of systemic impacts to practice. Reconnecting with like-minded peers that is supportive and developmental”. 2023 CoP participant
Expert guest speakers will be supported by a highly experienced support team drawing on practice-based, theoretically informed knowledge, and experienced youth workers who are currently in positions which bring them into contact with vulnerable young people.
CoP will be held: April 9th, May 14th and June 11th from 10am until 12 noon.
Please register your interest here.

Join the next online Advance to Zero (AtoZ) Learning Session on Wednesday May 8 at 10:00am AEST

Each six-monthly Learning Session provides a key opportunity for those involved in the AtoZ Campaign to meet and share progress towards our common goal. It’s also a great opportunity for those interested in the Campaign to learn more about the movement to end homelessness in Australia.

You'll develop the skills necessary to make system change, reach quality data and establish the governance structures that can support continuous improvement on your community's journey towards ending homelessness.

Register here.

Platform 1225!

Register here


Economic Inclusion Report

To inform its approach, the Committee has drafted an Economic Inclusion Framework. The Framework provides a clear definition of economic inclusion and an outline of the broad problems that need to be addressed to reduce the economic exclusion that is very real for so many Australians. Read more here.

Mission Australia Youth Survey

Read what young people had to say in 2023 and respond to the 2024 survey below.

Are you 15-19 years old? The 2024 Mission Australia Youth Survey is now open! Have your say here.
For more information please contact: youthsurvey@missionaustralia.com.au

Youth Survey 2023 - Web.pdf
Youth Survey 2023 - QLD Sub-report.pdf

Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence

New release from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Family, domestic and sexual violence.

Based on the 2021–22 Personal Safety Survey:
Read the report here.
Australia is slowly moving through an enormous (though temporary) spike in overseas migration. The ABS reports Australia’s population increased 2.5%, or 660,000, in the year to September 2023. Its latest regional migration data reveals the areas with the highest migration levels through the 2022-23 financial year (FY23). This has been driven by a combination of internal migration (movement from one part of Australia to another) and overseas migration (arrivals and departures between Australia and other countries).

Read the article here.

Anglicare’s Rental
Affordability Snapshot

The 2024 Rental Affordability Snapshot surveyed rental listings across Australia and found that affordability has crashed to record lows. Out of 45,115 rental listings, it was found that:
  • 289 rentals (0.6%) were affordable for a person earning a full-time minimum wage
  • 31 rentals (0.1%) were affordable for a person on the Disability Support Pension
  • 3 rentals, (0%) all share houses, were affordable for a person on JobSeeker
  • 0 rentals (0%) were affordable for a person on Youth Allowance.
Read the report here.

Mental Health in Australia

New release from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Mental Health Services.

Read the report here.
Consultation continues to shape Queensland's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, with the draft Strategy now available for review and feedback via Get Involved!

You are invited to review the draft and complete the survey by midnight, Monday 13 May 2024.

For more information about the Strategy, as well as upcoming in-person and online consultation sessions, visit Health and Wellbeing Queensland or contact Consultation@hw.qld.gov.au.

May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

This annual initiative aims to raise awareness of domestic and family violence and coercive control, highlight the support services available, and send a clear message that violence in our communities will not be tolerated. The theme for 2024 is It’s in our control to end coercive control. Find events around Queensland here. Find more information here.

In The News

A snapshot of media coverage of matters impacting young people including homelessness and youth justice.


The National Reconciliation Week theme for 2024, Now More Than Ever, is a reminder to all of us that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will – and must – continue. Now more than ever, we need to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation.
Together, we must build on the work of the past and create a legacy for the future.
National Reconciliation Week – 27 May to 3 June every year – is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to recommit ourselves to reconciliation and the fight for First Nations justice in Australia. Learn more about the history of National Reconciliation Week here.
Find NRW 2024 posters and resources here.


Time is ticking! Don't miss out on your chance to attend Reconciliation Queensland’s 2024 Gala Dinner, a celebration of unity and cultural richness. Together we'll pay homage to the resilience and heritage of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Saturday 25th May 2024
Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre

You can purchase your tickets here

Grab your tickets now before they sell out!



Everybody’s Home is a national campaign to address the housing crisis. It focuses on working together to call on Australian governments to bring balance back to the system, so that everybody has a place to call home.

The campaign will be working with their 42,000 partners to strengthen the Government’s 10 year National Housing and Homelessness Plan and the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement. We simply cannot end the current shortfall without Government funding.

Join the campaign here.

Call to Halve Child Poverty by 2030

Poverty affects far too many Australian children and families, diminishing their life opportunities now and into the future. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it’s just not right that 1 in 6 of our children grow up in poverty.

The campaign calls upon all politicians to commit to halve child poverty by 2030. QYHC is cognisant that childhood poverty is strongly connected to homelessness as a young person and in later life. Addressing poverty is essential. Find out more here.
Last week the government-appointed Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee recommended as a first priority that the Federal Government raise the rate of Jobseeker and related payments.

The Committee’s report listed substantially increasing JobSeeker as its number one recommendation, followed by:
  • Indexing payments to wages as well as prices
  • Lifting rent assistance (in addition to lifting JobSeeker and related payments)
  • Overhauling employment services, including urgently stopping automated payment suspensions.
The inadequacy of income support is clearly articulated.

Raise the Rate is urging all members to contact the Treasurer to insist he adopt the advice of his own expert committee. The Government is in the process of finalising the Federal Budget. They’ve put together an online tool - here. Read the report here or in our report section above.
QYHC is a member of Make Renting Fair Queensland. Homes for Queenslanders saw some amazing wins for renters, as you can see in our lead article above.
A huge thank you to Tenant’s Queensland for their leadership in MRFQ and their advocacy.

However, there’s still more to be done. As TQ’s CEO Penny Carr says: “Arbitrary evictions and rental increases have not yet been addressed. Tenants can be evicted from their home for no reason at the end of a lease and there is nothing to stop rent increasing arbitrarily.”

You can find out more about the campaign and become a supporter here.
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