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QYHC supports tenancy law changes proposed by the government.

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Consultations close December 28th

The Queensland government recently proposed tenancy law reforms and we’d like you to support them. The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition is a proud member of the Make Renting Fair in Queensland Alliance. Rental options for young people in Queensland are limited due to a variety of factors that include age, income and access issues. Young people make up over 25% of our homeless population. Ensuring that rental opportunities are available and fair is paramount in assisting young people towards living in safe, stable and secure housing.

In perusing the recently released Queensland government proposed tenancy law reforms, it is clear that the government has been courageous. All tenants, including young people, will benefit from these reforms. As a sector we need to rally and advocate for these important proposed reforms. They offer tenants the opportunity to make a house their home due to safeguards against eviction without cause. These amendments, alongside others, aim for a human rights experience of renting, ensuring fairness and wellbeing.

Make a submission or take the surveys on the Department of Housing and Public Works’s feedback site

Or use the Make Renting Fair in Queensland pro forma submission, it only takes 1 minute!

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QYHC Musings

When we attend professional development forums and conferences, we note words of wisdom to share. These musings are for those of you busy on the front-line and in similar roles who don’t have the capacity to attend. We’re sharing some of the inspiring messages we’ve received of late.

Youth Justice Reforms

The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition is a key stakeholder in the Department of Youth Justice reform journey and plays an active role in the Youth Justice Reference Group. The Queensland government’s $332.5 million reform program notes many new programs and services that have come online over the past few months. As Bob Gee, Director-General of Department of Youth Justice states: “We are delivering an extensive program of work that clearly demonstrates our commitment to intervening early, reducing offending and reoffending, and reducing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the youth justice system.”

The Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019-2021 is available here.

Also on the Youth Justice website is an information pack which includes information on programs and service examples by region and across Queensland.
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Exciting news for workers in the sector

“The nature of work in the community and disability services sector means it can be next to impossible to accrue long service leave” said Minister de Brenni. The Services Union and the members have been fighting to create a portable scheme to give workers the rights they deserve. On 27th November Labor introduced the Bill to make it happen.

Engaging young people - Government Charter commits to increased youth engagement

QYHC is clear that the voices of children and young people are essential in all aspects of our systems, governance and communities to ensure that their expertise is front and centre in our collective wisdom as we work towards their holistic wellbeing. QYHC applauds the Queensland Government in that it has pledged to listen to young people and actively involve them more in government business. Minister for Youth, Hon. Di Farmer MP noted that the Charter - the first ever whole of government commitment to youth engagement - was shaped by significant input from young Queenslanders, numerous sector and government stakeholders as well as the newly formed Queensland Youth Engagement Panel. The Queensland Youth Engagement Charter is available here.

Queensland Youth Week 2020
Queensland Youth Week (QYW) is an annual celebration of young people aged 12 to 25 years. It is a time to acknowledge the positive contributions they make to Queensland communities. In 2019 there were more than 200 events held across Queensland. The aim for 2020 is to hold the biggest Youth Week ever!

The theme for Queensland Youth Week 2020 (QYW20) is 'Yeah the Youth!' To engage in Queensland Youth Week, there are options of an Art competition or community grants. An artwork competition is being held for creative young Queenslanders to design artwork to promote QYW20. There are great prizes for our talented young people! Community grants of up to $2,000 are available to hold events and activities celebrating QYW20. For more information go to: the website.
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QYHC AGM and Annual Report

Thank you to our many members and supporters who attended our AGM on 28th November. For those who missed it, click above to view our annual report.

Can you assist important research?

Parenting and Family Support Centre, University of Queensland are conducting a study exploring whether parenting attitudes and beliefs are passed from generation to generation. They are particularly interested in the influence of grandparents on teenager’s hopes and dreams for their future. The researchers would like your support in recruiting families (triads – a grandparent, parent and teenager) that may have recently (in the last 2 years) experienced multi-generational unemployment as well as families that have never had this experience. For more information: parentingteens@uq.edu.au.

Our annual forum, Platform 1225 will be back in 2020!

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