Queensland Youth
Housing Coalition

A state-wide advocacy organisation working towards ending youth homelessness in Queensland.

Young People Experiencing Homelessness
Youth 15-24 living in Poverty
Access Homelessness Services

Specialist Homelessness Services

These services provide immediate and transitional supported accommodation to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Learn more about how these services can help you.

Social Housing

Queensland Public Housing and Community Housing Provision have joined together to create the One Social Housing System. Learn more about Public Housing and the One Social Housing System today.

Private Rentals

Wanting to know more about renting in Qld? We’ve put together info helpful to young people wanting to find rental accommodation. Learn what it is, who can apply and how much does cost.

Shared Housing/Student Housing

Share housing is excellent lower cost and social option for accommodation. Shared housing can be living with people you know or you could move into a house with people you don’t know.

Advice Services

Needing help with where you’re currently renting in Queensland? It is important to know who you can call to seek advice or information from.  Find out who you can speak to today.

General Support

It’s hard knowing who or where to call when things aren’t going to plan, but there are plenty of services willing to help.  We’ve put together a list of services we think are useful for young people in Qld.

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QYHC Submissions

QYHC archives showcase submissions put forward by QYHC addressing youth homelessness strategies in Queensland.

QYHC Research

We’ve collected decades of QYHC’s research journals. Read valuable research on the Qld Youth Homelessness Sector.

Info for Practitioners

New to the Homelessness sector? Have a bit of spare time between case notes? You can find some readings or research here.

Contact QYHC

Have questions or need some more info? We’re here to help: Contact our team via email, phone or post to find out more.