Queensland Youth Housing Coalition

Homelessness happens: It must be spoken about to be addressed.

The History of QYHC

The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition (QYHC) was established in 1984. We have evolved since that time to become a significant voice for the issues impacting on marginalised young people, the focus has been on ending youth homelessness.

Housing is the bedrock from which young people can undertake social and economic opportunities.

QYHC is committed to improving the life opportunities and the wellbeing of young people who have been impacted by homelessness and the multitude of associated issues such as education, health, safety and social connection.

Who We Are

A state-wide coalition of organisations & individuals advocating for and with young people who are homeless or who have had an experience of homelessness and supporting the services that work with them. QYHC assists not for profit organisations and government departments to respond to the housing and homelessness needs of young Queenslanders.

QYHC is funded in-part by the Qld State Government for the housing and homelessness work undertaken and is heavily reliant on membership and community donations.

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Young people regardless of their age, social status, sexuality, ethnicity, income or ability are socially and economically included in our community.

That's Our Vision


Chair Person

Adam has worked alongside young people and those who support them in housing, homelessness and legal contexts. He is passionate about contributing to policies, programs and practice approaches that are responsive to the particular needs of young people, and that support young people’s transition to independence and housing stability.

Christine Robinson


Christine’s work in the homelessness sector started with her Diploma of Youth Work studies and involvement as a Community Liaison Officer for the Big Issue Street Soccer program. Eight years on, Christine’s focus on responding to homelessness continues in her work at North West Youth Accommodation Service Inc. (NWYAS) and by graduating from a Diploma of Social Housing with a Scholarship from the Department of Housing and Public Works in 2012.

NWYAS has a long standing partnership with QYHC and this provided Christine the opportunity to join QYHC in 2016. Christine took this opportunity because of the value gained from participating in Youth Homelessness Matters Day events run by QYHC and her belief in the importance for children and young people having a safe home to grow.

Christine is the newly elected QYHC Treasurer for 2018. She continues to work with QYHC to bring issues of youth homelessness to the forefront of Queensland policy conversations. Christine believes it is important that young people, service providers and the community are involved in the discussions with Government to create responses to youth homelessness together.

Alice Thompson


Alice Thompson has been a member of QYHC for many years coinciding with a career working in the fields of youth homelessness, and housing and homelessness research and policy advocacy.

``I am passionate about supporting people who experience disadvantage as well as the agencies that support them.``

Alice is currently the Executive Officer to the CEO at Tenants Queensland, a statewide tenant advice service.

Karen Halberg

Committee Member

I migrated from the UK in October 2009 as a qualified Social worker. In the UK I used to management Private Children’s Homes for the Priory.

I entered the care industry fairly late at the age of 36 and became a mature student whilst I studied through and Open University course in between working full time. My speciality being Children and young families.

My qualifications were assessed for the move to Australia and became equivalent to an Associate Degree in Social Work. I also acquired an assessor’s qualification for the NVQ system which is the Australian Certification equivalent and a tutor in Team Teach a behaviour management model.

I became the manager of Sharehouse Youth Programs Inc in March 2010. We are a housing and homelessness service in Townsville, North Queensland. We operate a crisis shelter for up to 6 young people between 16 and 21 years old and also 7 Transitional Housing units dispersed throughout the community.

I have been a member of QYHC since inheriting the membership in 2010 and have always found them a great source of updated information. Especially when it was fully funded and the regular newsletters.

I enquired to joining the management committee as a regional representative after attending a QYHC event in Brisbane around 3 years ago.

I believe in the vision of QYHC to evolve back into the membership model it once was. With the Platform 1225 being the launch pad that unfortunately I was unable to attend in early 2017.


Committee Member

Megan has worked in the Queensland youth sector for a little over a decade, in many roles including youth justice, homelessness & education.

Megan is currently the Executive Officer of the Youth Plus Foundation (Edmund Rice Education Australia) and operates from a rights-based framework, Megan holds a firm philosophy that young people have much to contribute to our society, and strives to ensure their voices are heard.

Megan has had a long association with the Queensland Youth Housing Coalition both through employment & service to the management committee since 2009.

Cate Ryan

Committee Member

Cate Ryan is the newest member of the QYHC board, joining in 2017. After attending the inaugural Platform 1225 Cate felt compelled to keep working towards better response and systems to address youth homelessness.

Cate has been a dedicated member of the Community Connections (CLA Inc.) team over the past 10 years, predominately focusing on early intervention to youth homelessness and early school leaving in both the Reconnect Program and Youth Support Coordinator Initiative. Before this, Cate worked for the Department of Housing and Public Works and Employment Services where she learnt about the function of government systems in people's lives.

She studied a BA in Social Science: Human Services and continues developing her practice with a Certificate in Narrative Therapy. Working alongside the broader CLA Inc organisation, Cate also understands what it takes to meaningful include and support young people with cognitive disabilities and learning difficulties in the community.

Cate is passionate about the value of service delivery programs having capacity to work directly with service users, as well as build capacity of communities and systems to understand, respond and reduce the impact of the many issues that underlie young people's early home leaving. She is the Chair of the Queensland Reconnect Regional Meeting and the Vice President of the Noonga Reconciliation Group Inc.

Platform 1225

Platform 1225 was established by QYHC with the inaugural event occurring during Youth Week in April 2017 as a part of Youth Homelessness Matters Day. Homelessness happens for young people aged 12-25. It must be spoken about to be addressed.

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A Coalition is only as strong as its membership. The experience and knowledge of the members of QYHC is drawn from a cross-section of the community. By becoming a member you are bringing your expertise to the Coalition.

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