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Platform 1225 Forum 2024:

May, 2024

About Platform 1225 


Homelessness happens for young people aged 12-25.

Welcome to Platform 1225

Platform 1225 was established by QYHC with the inaugural event occurring during Youth Week in April 2017 as a part of Youth Homelessness Matters Day.

Platform 1225 is an insightful discussion between key stakeholders in youth housing and homelessness featuring the voices of young people, academics and practitioners. This year, the conversation is focusing on abuse of power and dynamics of harm whilst also looking at the intersection between domestic and family violence and its impact on the lives of young people.

What We Aim To Accomplish

Platform 1225 is an annual event. The key aim is to encourage industry professionals to gather and explore new ideas to address the topic outlined each year.

Platform 1225 will continue to aim to:

  • Promote and build industry participation and collaboration in the delivery of the Queensland Housing Strategy;
  • Give young people a platform to have their stories, idea’s or concerns heard;
  • Support services and provide leadership to the sector regarding responses to the youth cohort;
  • Enable the sector to remain informed and up to date with policy and practice at both the state and commonwealth levels;
  • Facilitate opportunities for sector engagement and professional development;
  • Contribute to the broader community awareness of young people’s housing, homelessness and related issues; and
  • Provide guidance to local services and communities to respond to local youth housing needs.
Current Forum Event Details

Who Should Attend?

This is a Forum for all practitioners, policy makers, managers, team leaders, advocates, family and community members who work with or support children, young people, families and communities.

It is a forum for those of us who are committed to understanding why violence and abuse occurs, understanding the multiple associated issues and consequences and are intent on being part of the solution in eradicating abuse of power from our society.

Why Platform 1225?

The key aim for the policy/practice forums is to encourage industry professionals to gather and explore new ideas to address youth homelessness and provide young people with an opportunity to tell their stories and experiences which have impacted their right to a safe home and/or their journey transitioning from homelessness to independent living.

Did you miss Platform 1225 Forum 2023?
We’ll be back May 2024!