About Queensland Youth Housing Coalition

We are…

A statewide coalition of organisations & individuals advocating for and with disadvantaged, marginalised and homeless young people and supporting the services that work with them.

We are self funded for our housing and homelessness work and reliant on community donations to continue this. 

Our Vision

Young people regardless of their age, social status, sexuality, ethnicity, income or ability are socially and economically included in our community.


The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition (QYHC) was established in 1984.  It has evolved since that time to become a significant voice for disadvantaged and marginalised young people.  The focus has been on ending youth homelessness and working with the not for profit organisations and government departments established to deal with this issue. 

Housing is the bedrock from which young people can undertake social and economic opportunities.  However the focus continues to broaden to cover the range of issues which lead to young people becoming homeless and developing permanent housing solutions for those young people who are disadvantaged and marginalised.  There are a range of issues in these young people's lives and QYHC's focus has expanded to address these issues.  They may include temporary or permanent breakdown of family connections, difficulties in connecting with education and health services, being taken into care because of abuse or neglect, substance misuse, involvement with the juvenile justice system, lack of affordable housing and more general issues of poverty and unemployment.

QYHC is affiliated with the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH).


QYHC has a number of functions:

  • Acts as an information resource for young people and those involved in young people’s housing and related issues;
  • Provides information and training through forums and workshops;
  • Networks with other peak bodies and statewide organisations;
  • Educates and assists local communities to assess young people’s housing needs and to develop appropriate youth housing policy;
  • Initiates and participates in research projects;
  • Advocates on behalf of young people;
  • Participates in national issues through involvement with the National Youth Coalition for Housing (NYCH) and Homelessness Australia

QYHC objects

  • To investigate the needs of homeless youth and promote the development of appropriate services and policies.
  • To support and coordinate existing local youth programs for accommodation, for related services and to facilitate the establishment of new programs.
  • To encourage the extension and development of accommodation and support facilities for homeless young people in Queensland, through a range of options, including short and medium term accommodation and support of long term accommodation as defined.
  • To join with any organisation with similar objects and to assist and supplement the work of such organisations wherever possible.
  • To carry out research, training and community education through seminars, workshops, preparing papers and other means.
  • To increase access of young homeless people to community resources, and foster responsiveness of these to the needs of homeless youth.
  • To ensure young people are relieved of poverty through advocacy, policy, debate, consultation and development.

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