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The Reconnect program uses community-based early intervention services to bring about family reconciliation for young people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and their families. Reconnect helps these young people improve their level of engagement with family, work, education, training and their local community.Reconnect breaks the cycle of homelessness, which can begin at an early age, by providing counselling, mediation and practical support to the whole family. Reconnect providers also 'buy in' services to target individual needs of clients, such as specialised mental health services.Reconnect service providers follow the seven good practice principles: accessibility of services client driven service delivery holistic approaches to service delivery working collaboratively culturally and contextually appropriate service delivery ongoing review and evaluation; and building sustainability.

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Headspace is Australia's National Youth Mental Health Foundation. The headspace mission is to deliver improvements in the mental health, social wellbeing and economic participation of young Australian’s aged 12-25. To this end, headspace aims to be the focal point for youth mental health issues across the country. This includes providing funding to improve services for young people who may be experiencing mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues and the latest information about these important health issues for young people.headspace is aiming to achieve this through the 30 funded headspace services located in each state and territory across Australia. These services provide an entry point for young people to access a broad range of services which are available in their local community. All of whom have a focus on providing a more integrated service responses.

For information on services in Queensland go to:

YFSS (Youth and Family Support Service): Brisbane

Youth and Family Support Service (YFSS) is an extended hours support service for 'at risk' young people (aged 6 to 17 years), and their families. The service is free of charge and operates Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm, and Week-ends from 9.00 am to 6 pm (excluding all public holidays). YFSS services young people and families living in Brisbane. The aim of YFSS is to provide early intervention and diversion services to young people at risk of entering or re entering the youth justice statutory system and to their families.

Contact YFSS on: (07) 3274 9911

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