Tenancy Advice

Tenants' Union of Queensland

The Tenants' Union operates a state wide telephone advice service, which provides tenants with tenancy information, advice and advocacy assistance.

The telephone advice service operates between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday and till 7pm Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you are in Brisbane, call 07 3257 1108.
If you are outside Brisbane, call 1300 744 263.

Alternately please visit the TUQ website on http://tuq.org.au/wp/

Tenancy Advice And Advocacy Services (TAAS)

TAAS provides free tenancy advice to people who are renting or living in a boarding house. TAAS provides important information about people’s rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and they can also assist people to advocate about tenancy issues.

If you need advice about your tenancy, you can speak to someone at TAAS over the phone or you can make an appointment.

Please click here for access to the Department of Communities site where all the TAAS services are listed.

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