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2018 Annual Report

Each one of us can make a difference but together we can make a change.

Passion, hope and a desire to make a difference – this is what is at the heart of the Queensland Youth Housing Coalition. It is wonderful to be part of an organisation that is passionate about social justice, hopeful about young people’s future and a desire to see positive social change.

The youth homelessness sector has a great history of being able to come together with young people and articulate the key issues facing young people and to explore innovative solutions and responses. Networking has been a big part of the sector in harnessing passion and enabling trust and reciprocity to be built both at a local and state-wide level. In particular these networks allowed the flow of information, critical debate and for shared learnings and success in practice and policy – this has been demonstrated by the success of Platform 1225.

QYHC is looking forward to the year ahead and joining with as many passionate and hopeful people as we can across the community and within government to make a difference.