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Housing Roundtable

QYHC was pleased to participate in the Premier’s 2nd Housing Roundtable at which further ideas for housing reform were shared and several important announcements made. Most notably AHURI has been engaged to develop a robust model to predict future supply and demand for housing in Queensland.

Work has already started on the modelling, which will incorporate historical and predictive analysis. The modelling will look at the housing system, including social housing, emergency accommodation and the private housing market. In 2021-22 almost 200,000 forms of housing assistance were provided to Queensland households or individuals, including emergency housing, private market assistance, homelessness services and housing.

The model will be kept up to date and will be used to inform housing strategy and policy development, which will help guide Queensland Government’s future housing investment priorities.

Other initiatives included tax breaks for developers bringing rentals onto the market. The build to rent scheme allows for a 50% discount on land tax if at least 1 in 10 dwellings is affordable.

A further $28 Million was committed to the Immediate Housing Response fund and $3.9 Million to food and emergency relief. Government to buy up 335 homes from the National Rental Affordability Scheme to deliver more affordable housing.

Rent increases will be capped to once per annum as of July 1.

An online portal has been established asking Queenslanders to submit ideas to increase housing supply. Individuals, private enterprise, not for profit organisations and local governments with ideas to free up land, repurpose existing buildings into housing or brand-new concepts are able to submit their ideas. The Portal can be found here.

In news since the roundtable the government has invested $25 Million to purchase 64 homes with funds previously earmarked to repurpose the Griffith University site, deemed too expensive and complex for what was a temporary housing solution. The purchase of homes will ensure Queenslanders are housed quicker in permanent housing stock. Contracts have already been entered into for properties across Queensland. Also, the 189 prefabricated dwellings being commenced around Queensland this year for government workers will allow the dwellings in which they’re currently residing to re-enter the rental market.

For more information on Housing solutions visit the website here.