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Invitation to participate in the QYHC Blast 2019

Enabling Statewide action on high impact goals

To expand our professional capability and increase our engagement on critical homelessness and housing issues facing young people, the Queensland Youth Housing Coalition invites you, a committed community member and/or network champion to work with us through 2019 in an exciting new initiative. Our goal is to enable the development and resourcing of state-wide, high impact projects and issue based collaborations as vital part of the QYHC Communication and Engagement Strategy. Focused on regional youth housing and homelessness networks, driven by research, data and evidence, this initiative will align with the DHPW Queensland Compact and existing Government programs to increase our collective impact and support a person centred design process.

To achieve this we are working with the team at, who provide an online collaboration and opportunity mapping solution to leverage sector and network resources in new ways and pursue high impact goals together. Over the next 12 months, we will be using uBegin to establish a backbone communications and collaboration infrastructure to host high impact discussions, projects, share resources and expand our collective capability.

To participate we are starting by inviting you to share a few details in an ‘opportunity mapping’ .  The mapping will showcase your local knowledge, projects and give the basis to pursue the high impact goals together. Each participant will receive a personalised list of starting opportunities to connect across the network to meet your needs and QYHC will support initiatives, collaborations and innovation over the next 12 months and showcasing action annually at the Platform 1225 event.  These can be added to during the year as the process is continual and live!


Benefits to you and the sector:

  • establish a communication and collaboration solution for community members, network leaders and sector influencers to pursue high impact goals together
  • showcase success and provide a pathway for new partners across community and governments to get involved
  • leverage sector assets/resources in new ways
  • network map

What happens after?

  1. You will be emailed a copy of your submission to the opportunity mapping
  2. When the mapping is complete, you will receive details to log into uBegin to receive your personal set of opportunities to join ‘issue based collaboration hubs’ and connect with others across the network
  3. The uBegin team will provide ongoing support to the network so feel free to reach out directly.