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The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition conducts a range of High Impact Projects.

These projects are determined by:

  • Does the data demonstrate a youth homelessness or housing need?
  • Is there any supporting research?
  • Does the community articulate as a need?
  • Is there a policy gap and barrier? If no
  • Is there a gap in service delivery? Does this require a new model of service?

If the process meets these five requirements then a high impact project can be considered and impact goal/s identified – for a more detailed explanation please read the QYHCYHH Framework document.   Lead organisations can either be a local service or QYHC, depending on staffing and resourcing capabilities, and involvement in the project will be drawn from interested stakeholders.

The Queensland Youth Housing Coalition has been funded by the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) to work collaboratively to respond to issues identified by youth homelessness services and to assist in the delivery of the Queensland Housing Strategy.  QYHC will discuss and negotiate high impact projects with DHPW as part of the strategic alliance and Queensland Compact Process.

uBegin is the collaborative digital platform which QYHC utilises to engage with a broad range of organisations and individuals in its network. The platform facilitates collaboration on HIP which supports QYHC in organising multiple partners to work together on joint initiatives – to see all our projects please go to