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2019 Annual Report

All young people need a safe and secure home
to be included in our society and experience holistic wellbeing.

Whilst a bold undertaking, we note the various options for intervention when young people experience homelessness. Further opportunities are yet to be explored. Such interventions need to occur at the earliest possible point in time to minimise the impacts of homelessness on young people.

We accept the plethora of life issues that lead young people to homelessness but reject any notion that such issues need negatively impact their life trajectory. The experience of homelessness for young people can be short lived and rapidly resolved. There is no reason for young people to experience chronic homelessness and the associated myriad of problematic life outcomes.

QYHC is committed to improving the life opportunities and wellbeing of young people impacted by homelessness by working collaboratively across government and non-government organisations to address homelessness, through the provision of housing, and addressing the multitude of associated issues that impact wellbeing such as: poverty, access to education, health services, income, safety and social inclusion. QYHC acknowledges that connection and relationships are key for all young people and underpin our collective work.